New Flexibility Technologies Advanced tech solutions for the next generation of energy efficiency

Who We Are

At New Flexibility Technologies, we're proud to bring our decades of combined experience developing advanced energy tech to help ease your journey through the energy transition.

From the team behind some of the best new ideas in the energy sector, our industry-leading expertise will help create a bespoke range of solutions for your specific problems. We'll work hand in hand with your team to help you navigate every aspect of the energy transition while providing technological advances you'll both understand and value.

Our Vision

A world where people enjoy resilient
electricity networks.

Resilient: Robust energy tech that improves your outlook while fitting seamlessly into the way you already do business.

Efficient: Our agile approach helps us quickly create and implement the solutions you need to cut costs and improve your services.

Magical: through sufficiently advanced technology

Technology, effectively applied to the energy transition. Making your business ready for the future.

New Flexibility Technologies — Flexibility Through Technology

What this means for you

The industry is changing fast, we'll help you keep up.

Agile software development is more efficient than what you might be used to, but some businesses are struggling to keep up with the pace of change associated with it. Our knowledgeable, nimble and robust team will guide you from start to finish, and deliver solutions that deliver exactly what your business needs.

We implement a goals-oriented approach that will help efficiently deliver on the energy transition for your stakeholders thanks to agile development expertise that delivers resilient solutions for businesses of all sizes. From mitigating risk to fostering sustainable change, we'll find out what you need and come up with a strategy to implement it.



By applying our extensive knowledge of technology to your energy challenges, we provide insights on technology strategy, product/service reviews and workshop facilitation, as well as bespoke engagements across the industry.


We deliver stable, reliable and responsive systems using best-in-class tools and techniques. Our highly experienced developers understand the energy landscape and have a focus on agile development, delivering long-term solutions with a reduced cost of ownership.


Where necessary, we are also able to design, manufacture and supply bespoke embedded and IoT solutions for control and monitoring, all tightly integrated into your chosen software platform.



Our size is our strength: it helps us provide an agile development approach that draws on the brightest talent to help solve your specific problems and more.


Integrity is at the core of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on being completely clear and transparent from the outset.


We'll take the stress out of creating tech solutions you might not understand, and communicate them in a way that'll help your business grow.


We've already helped create some of the industry's leading new tech solutions, and we'll bring that expertise to your business to help your flourish.


Technology is a people business, we understand that people are not just interchangeable work-units and so strive to treat our staff and clients with compassion.